The most exciting and controversial stories of the week

AUGUST 12, 2019 10:45AM AUG.


10The last thing the world needs right now is a repeat of last week’s election.

In the U.S., it is expected to be decided by a mere 50 votes.

On the other hand, it’s been an extremely contentious election, with Republicans accusing Democrats of rigging the vote and the left accusing the Democrats of stealing the election.

A big story this week is the Zika virus, which is spreading faster than anyone anticipated.

And as the virus grows and spreads, people are going to need to wear condoms.

There’s no question that the use of condoms is going to increase as the epidemic intensifies.

In fact, according to an independent survey of condom users, more than 90% of Americans are using condoms, with a third saying they would wear them if they had to.

Here are some of the most important stories to watch:1.

The condom-friendly election The election is the hottest issue of the year right now, and the candidates are trying to make sure that voters are not going to lose sleep over it.

That’s why the candidates and their surrogates have been making the condom issue their top campaign issue, with the candidates touting the benefits of using a condom to prevent pregnancy.

In the past, condoms have often been a major issue in campaigns, but it’s never been the top issue.

The last time that was the case was the 1996 presidential election, when Clinton was leading with support from 58% of voters and Bush was ahead by just 20%.

Now, in 2016, the issue is becoming a lot more heated, with both candidates making the case for their use.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been focused on the effectiveness of condoms in preventing pregnancy, while Donald Trump has been more specific.

Trump is talking about his own experiences using condoms during his sex life.

“I was a virgin when I was younger.

I never had unprotected sex, ever,” Trump said at the debate in December.

“But when I went through the first few years of this election, and I did get raped, I think I used the right kind of condom, and it saved my life.”1.

Is it safer than wearing condoms?

Experts say it’s hard to tell whether a condom is effective at preventing pregnancy.

In some studies, people have reported condom usage decreased their likelihood of getting pregnant.

A 2016 study from the University of Utah found that the effectiveness rate for condoms dropped by less than 0.1% for women using the most common form of latex condoms, the G-spot type.

But that wasn’t enough to explain the drop in pregnancy rates.

“If you’re talking about something that can prevent pregnancy and increase the chance of pregnancy, condoms can’t be that effective,” said Dr. Janna M. Wiernik, an obstetrician and gynecologist at the University Health Network in St. Louis, who was not involved in the study.

“There’s just no way to say with certainty that the decrease in the rate of pregnancy that people are reporting is caused by condom use.”2.

How much is it worth?

One of the biggest benefits of a condom that could make a big difference is the protection it provides from pregnancy.

For a woman to get pregnant in the U

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