‘Steroids and condom size charts’ have no place in medical school

A medical school professor who suggested condoms could be a good idea for preventing HIV infections and STDs is facing a backlash from students.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that Professor Eric Kagan said the condoms should be made of a different material that is more resistant to tearing and cracking.

He suggested condoms should fit on a condom and that the condom should be shaped like a “V” or “X” to match the shape of the condom.

“I’ve never had to use a condom because of the strength,” Kagan told the Times.

“But I’ve seen it in many cases that it has been a problem because of its breaking and it’s so fragile.

So I think that’s a very real possibility.”

The professor also suggested condoms might have to be made with an even more durable material to be safe.

“It’s just too fragile to do a very good job,” Kegnagins said.

“And it’s a really, really difficult material to make.”

A University of Washington professor who supported the professor’s statement said he should be more careful.

“This is a really bad idea, and I have a bad feeling about it,” said the University of British Columbia professor, Michael Reiter.

Reiter, who is the director of the UW’s Institute for the Study of Sexuality and Society, said the idea that condoms should only fit on condoms is a bad idea for a lot of reasons.

“One is that the materials would need to be very strong,” he said.

Kegnaigins and Reiter also disagree about what condoms should look like, which may make the idea more appealing.

Kagan and Reits said condoms should have a different shape from other condoms.

But Reiter said that’s not an option, and that condoms could actually be made to fit on other types of condoms.

“We should make the condoms of the future look like the condoms that were used in the 1960s,” Reiter told the NYT.

“What you’re really trying to do is make them look like condoms that weren’t invented until the 1980s.”

Kegnerins said condoms would need new designs for a long time, so the idea of making condoms with a different size is not viable.

He also said condoms could still be used in many situations.

“The problem is that we don’t really have the data on the effectiveness of condoms,” he told the newspaper.

“A lot of studies that have been done have shown that condoms are not effective for preventing STDs or HIV.”

A few states already have regulations in place to regulate the size of condoms, which is why there’s a lot more confusion.

“When it comes to condoms, we really don’t have a great idea,” Reit said.

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