A new condom success rates survey finds ‘condom packets’ are more effective than condoms

Breitbart News has learned that condoms are one of the most effective contraceptive methods available to women, according to a new condom efficacy survey conducted by researchers at The Ohio State University.

The researchers found that condoms have a condom successrate of 95.9 percent compared to a condom failure rate of only 65.4 percent.

The condom failure rates of the newer “condom-pouch” condoms were also significantly higher than the condom failurerates of the “condoms” in the previous study.

“Condoms are the best-selling contraceptive method worldwide, with approximately $1 trillion invested in the global condom industry,” said Dr. Amy Schatz, an assistant professor of medical education at Ohio State and the study’s lead author.

“We were surprised to find that the success rates of condoms are so high, and so low when compared to condoms in other studies.

However, we do not know if these condoms are as effective as condoms in some other contexts, such as abstinence education.

For example, abstinence education has proven to be effective at increasing condom use, but condoms are the most cost-effective method of contraception.”

The researchers used an online survey of 6,828 women in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The results are reported in the November edition of the American Journal of Public Health.

The condom successrates were calculated by measuring the condom’s ability to prevent pregnancy by a percentage of a woman’s current sexual partners.

The success rate was then divided by the number of sexual partners a woman had.

The researchers also found that the condom failures rate was much higher than in other previous studies.

The failure rate was higher than 99.4 for a condom that was 99 percent effective and higher than 86.6 for a failed condom that had a failure rate below 50 percent.

The success rate for a single condom in the new study was 82.3 percent.

A successful condom had a success rate of 86.7 percent, and a failed condoms had a successful condom failure of 86 percent.

“Although condoms are a popular method of birth control, the efficacy of condoms in pregnancy prevention is still under debate,” said Schatz.

“Our study shows that condoms may be more effective at preventing pregnancy than other methods, such in abstinence education, as well as abstinence-only programs.

We also need to address the issue of condom failure, as condoms are still used in other contexts that are not intended for birth control.

We hope this study helps to bring condoms and contraceptive use in the U.S. more in line with other developed countries.”

The study was funded by the U, UK and the European Commission.

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