Which is the best condom for your partner?

You may not know it, but you’ve got a lot in common with a number of couples who enjoy sex.

Here are five couples who swear by the same sex-enhancing condoms that we do. 1.

Kate Upton and her husband Nick Sperry have been using the same condom since the beginning.

“It’s the best,” says Kate, 43.

“He likes to rub it up and down his penis.”

They also share a love for condoms that includes having sex in public, as they have, with each other, as often as every other day.

“I have sex on the couch, so he has to stand outside the bedroom to get the condoms.

And we both have a condom on every night,” she says.

“We do it in front of each other every night and he has a condom every night.”


Actors, writers and singers alike have found their partner’s preference in a condom different to theirs.

“When I was first getting married, we were married in the States and the only condom we had was a condom that you put on with your fingers, and we put it on with the other hand,” says Anna Wintour.

“And the condom on my leg was a real little piece of plastic.

She adds: “If you want to get married in LA, don’t go with a condom. “

But when we started to go to LA, and people started telling us that we were too old for that, we just said, ‘No, no, no!'”

She adds: “If you want to get married in LA, don’t go with a condom.

You have to use a condom with your penis, not with the lips.”


Singer Madonna, whose husband, Brian, is married to actor Adam Driver, says she has “never had a condom” and has used them on more than 20 occasions.

“Because he has always had one, and he always has it with him,” she explains.

“So, we use it all the time.

And it’s not that bad.”


The New York City subway system is the hub of sex-positive sex.

While many people think of the city’s subway system as a place for hooking up, there is a long history of condom-less sex.

In fact, it has been called the sexiest sex city in the world.

“New York is the sex capital of the world, and you can actually walk into a restaurant and have sex with a prostitute,” says singer-actress Amy Winehouse, who was married to a porn actor, Hugh Hefner, in 2009.

“The city has really embraced sex. “

They have a whole sex club. “

The city has really embraced sex.

They have a whole sex club.

And so, it’s a very inclusive place.”


There are thousands of condoms sold in New York every day, but there are no laws prohibiting the sale of them, says a condom seller who does business in the city.

“If people think that there are restrictions, then they should go and buy condoms,” he says.

He recommends buying a condom at a sex shop, but only after you know the person who you’re having sex with.

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