How to use condoms with your iPhone and iPad

A new app from the Australian antivirus company AV-Test lets you test for pregnancy using your iPhone or iPad and get a free condom.

The app is available for free download on the App Store.

The app is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch and is meant to help people with HIV who are using a smartphone to test for the virus.

“We’ve created a simple, easy-to-use tool for people who are HIV-positive, who might be struggling to get tested for HIV and might not be aware of how they can test, how they could use it and who can use it,” says a spokesperson for AV-Test.

“It allows them to take a condom and test it on themselves and see if they have the virus.”

To test, you simply swipe on your phone to see a screen that shows a number that represents your HIV status.

The number can be your HIV test result, or a test result that indicates that you’ve had sex with a person who’s HIV-negative.

The number can also indicate a condom you’ve used in the past, or the number of times you’ve taken the condom.

“This is the most useful thing you can do,” says the spokesperson.

“This is a really good way to make sure you are HIV positive, because a lot of people may not know about the virus and the risks,” he says.

“And it’s a really important tool for HIV testing.”

The app works with any iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac OS X device and can be used in a variety of settings.

“The app will automatically test your iPhone for HIV,” the spokesperson says.

It will also tell you the type of condom you have and whether it’s latex or polyurethane.

The spokesperson says the test results can be saved to a “safe storage” file.

“You can also export your results to CSV file for further analysis.”

The test can be carried out on any condom you’re using, including the ones that have been tested, so long as you’ve never used them.

“If you’ve tested one condom and you haven’t used another condom, the results will be discarded,” the representative says.

If you’re not using condoms, the app will still work.

The user interface shows how many times you have used condoms, which will be displayed in a drop down menu, along with the number and size of condoms you’ve received.

The test will not detect HIV in the condom you test.

In addition, the test will tell you how many of the condom’s internal parts have been exposed to HIV, and whether the condom has been contaminated with HIV.

The test will only detect HIV if you’re positive.

“The testing is completely self-contained, so there’s no risk of anything getting into the condom, and it can be done on the phone,” the user says.

The spokesperson says it will test condoms on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating system, but only for the iPhone version.

It is not compatible with Windows.

The iOS version is only compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8 and 9.

The testing can be run in two ways.

You can test by using your smartphone, or you can use the app.

The iPhone version of the app is free, but users can pay to download additional test results.

It will also provide a free virus test for any iPhone that has been tested.

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