New free condoms in Australia

Free condoms are coming to Australia.

The National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Authority says that in a bid to save lives, its now providing free condoms to women who are willing to pay for them.

Read moreThe organisation says that it’s now providing 50 free condoms on top of its existing supply, which can cost $15 each.

The condoms are not only meant to be used by pregnant women but also those who have a medical condition that might require a condom.NFPH’s head of clinical services, Lisa McLeod, says that the organisation’s focus on free condoms is driven by a need to reduce the spread of HIV in the community.

She says the condoms were designed to be affordable for women who may not have access to other forms of contraception, like condoms.

“In some communities, the prevalence of HIV is so high that women can’t afford the cost of condoms, so it’s just the right time to introduce a new option that will help reduce the transmission of HIV,” Ms McLeod says.

“The condoms are meant to reduce your risk of getting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, but the real value comes from the quality of life they provide for women.”

The organisation has been offering free condoms for four months now.

It says that, while the majority of women are willing, the organisation also has a few people who are not yet ready to buy the condoms.

It says the decision to give away condoms was made when it heard that some of the organisations condoms were becoming too expensive for women to afford.

Ms McLeod said the organisation is working to reduce its prices by 50 per cent this year.

“We have a team of people working around the clock, so we’re working with the supplier to try and reduce our prices as much as we can,” she said.

“What we’re really working on now is getting the price down, and getting it down quickly, so that we can provide as many women as possible with these safe, affordable condoms.”

Ms Mcleod says the free condoms are intended to be distributed to women at low-income housing.

The organisation’s website explains that it will distribute 50 free condom packs to women in low- and moderate-income homes, as well as those who are homeless.

“These are low-cost, easy-to-use condoms that can be used for any purpose, including contraception and sexually transmitted diseases,” the site says.

It also says that condoms should not be taken without a prescription.

Ms NFPH says that while some people may not be able to afford condoms, those who do should consider buying a pack.

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