How to make a pleaser condom with a box of condoms

How to get the most out of a condom: 1.

Know the difference between the two types of condoms 2.

Choose a condom that is suitable for your body 3.

Choose the right type of condom for your size 4.

Make sure you get the right brand to choose from 5.

Find out about the best brands of condoms 6.

Use condoms for your pleasure 7.

Use them as often as you like 8.

If you’re concerned about getting STIs, get tested 9.

Don’t use condoms for unprotected sex 10.

Wear condoms with protection if you’re pregnant or nursing 11.

Avoid getting pregnant and breastfeeding while you use condoms 12.

Know how to use condoms correctly 13.

Know your limits 14.

Get the best bang for your buck 15.

Know where to get condoms in your area 16.

Know what to look for when you go to the doctor 17.

Know if condoms are safe to use in certain countries 18.

Know which brand of condoms are safest for you 19.

Know when to use a condom when you have sex 20.

Find the best brand of condom to use when you’re having sex 21.

If your partner’s penis is longer than your vagina, try using a condom with less skin between your lips 22.

Know about condoms that don’t stick properly and when to replace them 23.

Avoid kissing while you’re using condoms 24.

Learn more about condoms and the risks they pose for you 25.

Find a condom for less money than the other options.


Avoid the temptation to wear too much latex when you use a latex condom 27.

Read the label on the condom and be sure you know what you’re getting 28.

Read what kind of condom is recommended for you and your body 29.

Know a condom’s best use case 30.

Learn about the benefits of condom use and what to expect if you do use it 31.

Get tips on how to stay safe with latex condoms 32.

Learn how to make condoms with the right material.


Get advice on how best to use your condoms 34.

Learn the different types of latex condoms, including the best type for men.


Know more about latex condoms and why you should always use a non-slip condom.

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