Which girls condoms have the best expiration date?

In a new survey, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley found that girls condoms are more likely to have expiration dates that are longer than the average of the three other brands.

In terms of the percentage of girls’ condoms that have a date that’s at least five years old, the average brand is around 2.5 years old.

However, a brand with a longer expiration date was more likely than a brand that’s older to have an expiration date that was two or three years old – meaning girls who have bought a brand new one will have to pay a higher price than the ones who have just bought an older model.

The researchers, led by Dr Jules Mertens from the department of epidemiology at UC Berkeley, said that girls are likely to buy a condom when it’s more likely that they’ll have a problem with the product.

“It’s the price that makes the difference.

If you think about girls buying condoms, we don’t really expect them to be buying condoms for a long time,” said Dr Merts.”

They’re buying them because they need to be protected from the elements, or they have a sexually transmitted infection, or it’s something that they’re not comfortable wearing.”

But if you think of girls who are younger, like in the 10-14 age group, the chance of an expiration is less.

So the risk of getting an STD is lower.

“That means girls buying a condom will have better protection than those who are buying condoms after they’ve had their first period.”

Dr Mertes said that this was likely because older girls tend to have a lower risk of transmitting STIs to their partners.

“We found that older girls are less likely to get an STD than their younger peers.

So they’re more likely not to be using condoms and the chance they get is much lower.”

However, the researchers also found that brands with a lower expiration date were more likely still to be popular with girls.

“If you look at brands that are newer, older models tend to be very popular.

So brands that have been around for longer tend to also have higher numbers of girls buying them than older models,” Dr Merets said.”

In fact, we found that the average age of girls using condoms has increased.

So older girls have been buying condoms longer.”

The research has implications for other products too.

Dr Mereys research showed that older condoms are also more likely, even though the brands are not as popular as newer models.

“The reason why older condoms tend to stay popular is because the products are getting older,” Dr Julem said.

“The older condoms, the better the protection is.

If the product is older, it’s harder to use and it’s easier to catch infections.”

He added that newer products also have a better reputation.

“So if you’re thinking of buying a new condom, you’re more comfortable buying the brand that has a longer-than-average expiration date, which may be older models.

But you also don’t have to worry about catching STIs, because it’s still safer to use a brand-new condom.”

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