Long lasting condoms are getting cheaper with the advent of a 3D printer

Long lasting and waterproof condoms are the future, thanks to a 3-D printer.

The first batch of condoms made by the company UltiLife were printed out of plastic using a 3d printer at the start of the year.

The printer is designed to produce durable condoms at a fraction of the cost of traditional 3D printers.

The condoms have a lifespan of up to eight years.

Ulti-Life is now making 10,000 condoms per day, which is an average of more than 500 condoms per week.

The company said that it is looking to make more 3D printed condoms by 2020, and it has a strong commitment to producing 100% biodegradable condoms.

The 3D printing process also creates more than 3.5 million individual microbeads that can be washed off the condoms, making it easier for consumers to wash the condoms.

This is in addition to the 3D prints used in other industries, such as furniture manufacturing and ceramics.

Ultimax is also looking to use 3D-printing to help make their own condoms, and they’re hoping to produce 50,000 units per year by 2020.

“This technology is a great complement to 3D printers that we have in place, so that the consumer can actually get an accurate and safe condom with a lot of convenience and cost savings,” Ulti Life CEO James McAlpine told CNBC.

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Ultimax and other manufacturers have already invested in 3D scanning technology.

In addition to Ultilife, Ultimatex, and the condom company, many other companies are looking to 3-d print their products.

“It’s a good time to be a 3 D printer company,” McAlpin said.

“You have a lot more options, a lot cheaper cost of materials, and you can have a much greater product range than you have today.”

Ultima is currently the only company that makes condoms that are 3D scanned using 3D scanners.

They use 3-dimensional models of the condom to make it easier to make a customized condom that’s more durable, flexible, and waterproof.

UltiLife’s new condom is one of the most durable condoms currently on the market.

They’re also making the product in a new 3D structure that allows for the printer to print out a longer lasting condom.

This means that the condoms will last up to nine years on average, and Ulti’s goal is to make up to a third of its condoms by 2021.

The condom company has been using 3-step printing in other manufacturing lines, like in the home and at the factory, but Ultimia is now the first company to 3d print a condom at home.

Ultimo is currently manufacturing 3D condoms at their factory in Brooklyn, New York, but McAlpine said that they are looking into a larger scale production facility in the future.

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